Plastics and Concepts of Connecticut, Inc. is a privately owned manufacturer of custom injection molded plastic parts.  We are a full service company that can solve plastic product design problems, design and fabricate injection-molding tooling and produce the product in proto type and production quantities.

Since our founding in 1993 we have provided quality products and services to customers spanning the range from individual inventors bringing their first product to market to Fortune 500 companies in the USA and Mexico.  Our products are used in the automotive, construction, electronic, industrial, and leisure industries.  We produce precision gears, automotive lenses, electrical contacts and many other quality products to our customers’ special requirements.  These custom products are produced at a cost that is competitive with standard off the shelf items.

We have expanded our capability.  We can now produce parts weighting up to eight ounces.  The materials used in our products are Acetyls, Acrylics, Nylons, Polycarbonates, Polyethylene, Polystyrene, and Thermoplastic Elastomers.  These engineered thermal plastics can meet a wide range of structural, environmental, and aesthetic requirements.

Our registered professional engineering staff provides innovative product designs that bring our customers’ ideas to reality.  These engineers guided our customers in the selection of the thermoplastics that exceed their products requirements at the lowest possible cost.  We utilize the latest CAM friendly CAD systems for product and tool design.  The use of these systems improves accuracy and shortens the time from ideas to production products.  We are very proud of our ability to provide the engineering support that is lacking at many of our competitors.

Tom Harris,
ASME Hartford Section